While its specification may not be the finest around, particularly the disappointing camera, and the curiously flimsy flip, it still has a good level of standard Sony Ericsson functionality underpinning it. This handset is about the exterior. Unlike the Walkman player, the camera is a pretty basic effort. On the side there is an orange stripe running along, while on the hinge at the bottom there is a discrete Walkman logo. Imaging is not the main profile of Wi, this is evident.

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Together with a T28 Exterior This handset is about the exterior. Views Read Edit View history.

m Grey DCU USB Cable and Charger for Sony Ericsson Wi Mobile Cell Phone |

The onboard camera, for example, is a basic 1. The flip feels particularly flimsy and easy to bend, which might be of more concern when considering wear and tear — though it is easily removable, so could probably be replaced if necessary.

The Sony Ericsson W is a smartphone that belongs to the Walkman series. uwb

Adding higher quality headphones is an easy option, thanks to the two-piece headset supplied, which has a standard 3. When in a close state a press of the volume control keys turns on the display for a short time so we can take a look at the icons representing missed events or we can check the time without opening the flip. If imaging quality is a priority or you want 3G multimedia functionality, you should look elsewhere.

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Sony and Ericsson mobile products. On Wi — just like other SE devices — themes can change the icons, there is vibrating feedback when browsing the main menu and there are five default themes. T10, T28 and Wi Nowadays Sony Ericsson is told off quite a lot by the press yes, by us tooby readers and users, regarding the lack of innovation.


Operating the Walkman player is an easy ride too. It wants to immediately copy contacts from the SIM card, somehow this is a mania of all Sony Ericsson phones.

Sony Ericsson W350i

The phone has a built in media player supporting browsing by artist and album, creating playlists, and purchasing songs online using PlayNow. There is a 1 megapixel camera on the back of the phone. Our Verdict A modest feature set, but this phone offers a superior music package for a bargain price. In decent light, image quality is relatively poor, with w350ii lack of detail and softness in shots; low light snaps are worse. Always, in every situation.

Another Walkman standard, the Music Mate guitar and piano chord guide app, is pre-loaded too, plus three games are included.

Sony Ericsson Wi | TechRadar

Tracks can be loaded up on to the phone from a PC using supplied Sony Ericsson Media Manager software and USB cable, or by dragging and dropping files with the phone in mass storage mode. We had the latter one.

While it’s perfectly adequate for viewing menus and options, it’s not particuarly detailed for looking at images, video clips or web pages. When looking inside the almost cube-shaped box, we get to see a stereo headset unfortunately not the earplug type and a USB cable besides the phone.

Its opening screen has a Google search option, which is handy, ubs browsing the full internet isn’t as satisfactory as faster, more capable Sony Ericsson handsets.

The additional features list is, in fact, all standard issue Sony Ericsson rather than more eyebrow-raising stuff; an FM radio is built in, there’s a video player and a web browser, plus you get all the usual extensive organiser gear. Basic functions There are no w305i at the phonebook.


Sony Ericsson W350i – flip-flap

But the flip also hosts on the outside a set of rather natty looking music controls, so you can work the player with the phone closed. This handset is about the exterior. Factor in heavier tune playing — as you’d expect from a Walkman phone — and standby and talktime will fall accordingly. Satio U1 Vivaz U5i. Ericsson T10, T18, T28… all of them are legends by now, exceptionally the last one. Nowadays Sony Ericsson is told off quite a lot by the press yes, by us tooby w350ii and users, regarding the lack of innovation.

The loudspeaker on the phone, on the other hand, is tinny and spny, so will do your music no favours.

Estimated by Sony Ericsson to provide up to 7 hours of talktime or hours in standby, or up to 15 hours of music playback, we found that in our average usage tests, we managed around three days between charges, with a small amount of music playing.

Its numberpad-covering sonj looks like an homage to turn-of-the-century Ericsson handsets, and its 11mm thin profile is a design nod towards the stylish Wi. In the case of Wi they took a long forgotten form factor, and they have built a new phone on it, with some added musical features.