Si al identificar el chipset NorthBridge de la placa base aparece: I don’t believe you gave me the right drivers. Low load temps in that range are nothing to be concerned about. Don’t mix RAM like that because can you end up with stabilty problems, all installed RAM should be the same and not mixed in any way such as brand, size, speed, etc. As I said before, look between the PCI slots and write down the motherboard marketing name. I have tried 3 different Socket A processors in the Motherboard and none of them have worked besides this one.

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Try setting a x11 multiplier. Mobile Bartons are as said very efficient and flexible. Evidently, there is a great deal etehrnet headroom within the nForce2 as the performance continues to ksi extremely well as the FSB is increased.

Which one should I click: Oh Ok, last question, what about the multiplier. How do you know the stock speed of the cpu is MHz?? Msi ms e lan drivers.

Low load temps in that range are nothing to be concerned about.

You can get the K7N2 drivers here. And your temps are just fine, nothing at all to worry about. What made you think you needed to update the bios? In this instance, the K7N2G showed a low Exactly what CPU is it you have also?


MSI K7N2G-L – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 SPP

You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear you have a 45w barton ethernft with a good stepping which should clock to over 2 GHz without trouble. But you should be running it at MHz bus as both the motherboard and the memory PC – DDR support MHz in which case you have to reduce the multiplier on the cpu.

All I can see is a MB Samsung module. Using the SPDIF output from the supplied bracket, the sound quality was extremely crisp and clear, easily the best integrated audio solution on the market that I have heard.

various nforce2 PCSTATS Review – Feature Rich MSI K7N2G-ILSR

The only way to be sure what cpu you have is to remove the heatsink and get the opn from the black rectangular label on the cpu. Is it possible to do it through windows as etyernet Is there anything else you need to know? But I have a question.


Same with the BIOS. Please login or register. None what so ever.

So what exactly is the actual stock clock? I will check the sticker sometime later and write it all down.

On the Home tab, in the Font msi ms network driver, click the Dialog. Stock speed for that xp-m is So what bios did you use to update? If you want to run at bus, then fine. Regardless of the slightly altered situation, the K7N2G’s ethernet controller perfomed exceptionally well. World’s most popular driver download site.

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Do you etherbet where I can get the list of supported CPUs? Viewing the results of this benchmark, we see that the true potential of the nForce2 platform is not realized until the FSB frequency is raised.

Uncheck Ethernet driver, memory driver. The info is in Svet’s link: I told you that in your other thread.