Contact Nextel Customer Care for more information. Nextel Customer Care at These features must be turned off or disabled to use your TTY device with your phone. When you view items in the media center, one of these icons appears next to each forward locked item: Another way to keep the GPS feature of your phone working well is to keep your satellite almanac data up to date.

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Recent Calls Recent Calls The recent calls list displays information associated with calls you have made and received and call alerts you have received. Page Content if Customer fails to comply with this Section 5 or any part of this Agreement.

Page 97 4 Create and send the message. All rights and protections afforded to Nextel by this Agreement are also afforded to the Nextel Associates.

To avoid loss or damage, do not remove your SIM card from your phone unless absolutely necessary.

Agreement between Customer and Nextel. With the Flip Closed 1 Press to display the most recent call.

How to Unlock iDen i760

If you have any questions, please contact our support team. Profiles A profile is a isen of settings saved together so that you can apply them to your phone easily. If Nextel determines that a disputed charge was validly assessed upon Customer, Nextel will notify Customer and Customer must furnish the amount to Nextel within a reasonable period of time; J760 may be asked to re enable security as Nextel adds new services or upon your return to the U.


Where do you live? This lock does however stay with the phone permanently unless it is removed with an unlock code or software.

Motorola i760-White, Blue-Iden-Cellular Phone

You i60 talk to anyone on your code and channel who has a Direct Talk-capable phone. Call Alerts Call Alerts Sending a call alert lets the recipient know you want to talk to him or her on a Direct Connect call. Java Applications To download more Java applications, go to the Downloads menu option on your phone or visit nextel.

To make a Direct Connect call: Is 5G safe or dangerous?

Motorola iWhite, Blue-Iden-Cellular Phone | eBay

The former usually features a light source and liquid crystals, while the latter is based on organic light-emitting diodes. When the keypad is locked, idfn can only: Accessories If you are bringing your phone number from another carrier, your new phone will be active as soon as you receive it.

For more information on setting up your computer and your i phone for packet and circuit data calls, go to nextel. Call Forwarding Call Forwarding Call forwarding sends calls to the phone numbers you specify.

Menu key — accesses context-sensitive menus. To view the slide show again, press A under Restart. Phone call is active. You must wait until the phone reconnects to the network before attempting to make an emergency cellular call. Digital Rights Idrn About Expired Items If you are using an item when it expires, once you finish your session with the item, you will be unable to use the item.


Deleting Events Datebook or from the reminder of that event.

How To Unlock a iDen i

Page 2 Press m. Navigating A Message To repeat the part of the slide show you have just viewed, scroll left or scroll up. Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. Page 49 Setup Options For example, if you select 1 hour, you will be notified every hour that you are in Direct Talk. Customizing Features Getting Started Customizing Features You can control many features of your phone, including the size of the text on the display, the way you access main menu items, and the volume of incoming sound, rings, and other tones.

The person you are calling must be in Direct Talk mode and set to the same channel to receive your call.