The coil in the middle of this board marks the mouse’s position, as far as the tablet’s concerned. Whatever you do with the Graphire, therefore, you have to do relatively slowly. What this means is that the thing only tells the computer where the pointer is roughly 50 times a second. Now you can keep the pen in contact with the tablet, for easy tracking, and only have it make a mark when you push a bit. Use this information at your own risk. The only drawback when using a pen in your digital imaging software is going through menus and clicking on icons doesn’t feel so natural or easyas using the mouse.

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It’s inoffensively styled, usable by right and left handers, and it weighs about as much as a small conventional mouse.

Graphire Support | Wacom

After hearing many recommendations for the Wacom graphics tablets, I decided to try out a Wacom Graphire. What’s bad about it? TerryMcK and 59 others liked this. Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: So it’s nice that the Graphire gives you one, eh?

And it’s completely immune to dirt. It’s got its own speed control.

Wacom Graphire Review

What this means is that the thing only tells the computer where the pointer is roughly 50 times a second. And it lets you keep single-pixel accuracy for fine work. The only thing that’s stopped the average graphics hobbyist from getting themselves a graphiire is that the things are really expensive. And that’s not all you can set.


There’s one little two-colour LED to indicate power and when a button’s pressed gdaphire the pen or mouse, one pen holder clipped on the top, and one five by four inch well, actually more like five by three-and-eleven-sixteenths inch, ggaphire by 93mm rectangle that corresponds very accurately to the total actual useable pointing area.

Otherwise it’s a sturdy product which works very well, and is a pleasure to use. You can add your own symbols, as well, though not too many. Sensiva can only handle single-line symbols – no lifting of the pen is yraphire. Here are the details if you enjoy math.

If you’ve despaired of being able to afford a tablet, you can probably afford this one. The round shiny thing still attached to the bottom half of the casing is just a metal weight.

The driver knows which one you are using and lets you customize each in many different ways. The mouse and pen freeze up when your computer is under heavy load startup, loading and closing programs This review was done with the 4.

Wacom Graphire 2 graphics tablet Review

Previous driver versions would reset to default acceleration settings when a tablet-aware app was launched. Which corresponds neatly to the roughly 50 samples per second the tablet delivers.

It’s a home-user-ish package that lets you share images online. What actually comes in are the numbers, This is not one of those crummy pack-in graphics apps that come with cheap scanners and webcams. When you first use this tablet and pen you might find it a little quirky or difficult to use, however like riding a bike graphiee soon get used to it and will possibly wonder how you ever managed without it.


You can not only change the range of pressures to which the pen responds it’s got level pressure sensitivitybut you can even change the response curve – making it easy to do grsphire feathery strokes, for instance, by using the first half of the pressure spectrum for only the first ten per cent, say, of output pressure values that the pen reports to your software.

The mouse is still the best tool for navigating menus and doing general operating system tasks. Programs such as Photoshop and Paintshop Pro, although excellent for image editing don’t provide the many different brush types and options Painter Classic does. By gaphire our service, you agree to our use of cookies.

Bigger tablets, obviously, make fine work easier. This issue was fixed in the 4. Yes, you can position the cursor very accurately.

The red area shows where the selection edges were, and also where the selection has overlapped or missed the target of the petals.