The following types of paper can be set. Additional pages may be inserted in future editions. Caution Indicates situations that are potentially extremely hazardous to the human body or devices. Set paper into the MP tray that matches the paper size and type shown on the display and press the GO key to restart printing. Display the print density menu from the operator panel and select a lighter density setting. Setting the Paper Type in Paper Cassette Make this setting to match the paper type fed from the paper cassette of the printer.

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Note that feeding the paper having a paper size which does not match the current paper size from the MP tray can cause paper jam.

To be inserted into the slot designed for it on the main circuit board of the printer. The total size of the printer memory recommended for using the resource protection option is affected by several factors. Fs–3820n may terminate your license if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this license.

Do not remove the extra top sheet from the carrier sheet until after printing is finished. There are three general grades of paper: The ox print job can then be used to print multiple copies of the job reducing the total amount of period required to print the whole job.

You can set to Ecoprint mode on, as follows. Your exclusive remedy and the sole liability of Agfa Japan in connection with the Software and Typefaces is repair or replacement of defective parts, upon their return to Agfa Japan.


Agfa Japan does not warrant that the Software is free from all bugs, errors and omissions. Also, you can use the e-MPS functions. You can change the maximum space from 0 to megabytes. B Appendix C Specifications The top sheet is printed on. A different paper type setting can be made for each paper source including the MP tray.

Setting a custom size from the Operator Panel Set the size of the paper loaded in the paper cassette into the printer from the printer operator panel.

Recheck the requirements for using the system and the devices. Acceptable Unacceptable Top sheet Carrier sheet Special Paper The table below lists the specifications for adhesive label paper. It should satisfy the conditions given in the table below. When removing the sorter, unlock the attachment legs by releasing the levers as shown in the figure one by one, and then lift the sorter.

Clean printer Press GO Please clean the inside of the printer.

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Remove some of the paper from the sorter tray concerned. The capacity of the CompactFlash card is insufficient. To increase the copy 10 You count, press the key; to decrease the copy count, press the key.

If you still can not solve the problem, contact your Kyocera Mita dealer. After reinserting the paper cassette, you should be able to print. Either way the result is a paper jam.


Kyocera Mita FSN KX driver free download for windows – FUJITSU – LIFEBOOK S

A Network Interface Card The electronic sort function can be used for much faster printing. Sorter Cable A Installing Option Units When disconnecting the sorter cable, hold the grip on the connector as shown in the figure and then pull it out.

If the setting is changed to On print as follows, however, the network interface status page will be printed when the printer status page is printed. If the problem occurs only with a specific file or program, fs-380n most likely cause is an error in a parameter to a command or command syntax.

With the label side down, thoroughly shake the f-s3820n container in the direction of the arrows ten times or more. These items will not appear unless f-s3820n printer is installed with the applicable option unit.

To protect proprietary rights of Agfa Japan, you agree to maintain the Software and other proprietary fs-38820n concerning the Typefaces in strict confidence and to establish reasonable procedures regulating access to and use of the Software and Typefaces.