The total bandwidth is still limited to that of a single SATA port. The other is still unusable. Click here to Register a free account now! The controller can issue commands to only one disk at a time and cannot issue commands to another disk until the command queue has been completed for the current transactions. I’ve forgotten my password. With a supported 3. You’ll want a non-RAID controller for this.

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Esqta people report it does not work. Malware Removal Logs Forum. Several functions may not work. Our mission is to be competitive on selection and prices, while providing truly unmatched personal service. SATA optical drive support.

I recently as in, this weekend finally got the old 1 TB drives to run in the 5 bay box. Problem is these old dated cards are litterally everywhere and I really need some help finding a decent ESATA port multiplier card with a current chip-set that is fully compatible with windows 7 and wont cause the kind of issues I was having with the card.

Many common controllers do not support this feature, [1] as it is not a requirement for a SATA controller. It is possible to poet up to 15 devices to a single SATA host port using a port multiplier. I am so afraid I am going to have a Windows crash or something, haha, but so far, I haven’t had any trouble like mhltiplier any of the times Example of a system configuration without Port Multipliers Example of a system configuration with Port Multipliers Port Multipliers reduce the amount of cabling required to connect an array of SATA devices.


Port multiplier

Given that you have already invested in the external box, you could try a http: Emails answered within hours and an actual phone number that a human answers.

I am not really well versed in the world of PCIE add on cards so any help will be appreciated.

Jul 1, Posts: Following a disaster, I wanted to get away from hardware dependent RAID and, well, I didn’t have the money to replace with the same until now anyway. Will a port multiplier solution work on my laptop eSATA connector?

Port multiplier – Wikipedia

What are my options here? This kind of switching is therefore used when capacity is the major concern, and not performance. Many eSATA cards support port multipliers.

Using the site is easy and fun. I forgot to mention – the enclosure uses FIS switching. Thanks much for the reply and comments. Getting eSATA to work is more voodo than science. Fortunately, this was still my test setup and not production.


I need a decent esata port multiplier card

The way my case is designed prevents the eSATA cable from fully seating when the card muktiplier in the x16 video card slot. Maximum number of Storage Devices supported.

It’s incredibly slow too. Example of a system configuration with Myltiplier Multipliers. Well, except that it’s only going at about 6. Register a free account to unlock additional features at BleepingComputer. I have an update from them now I hope will prevent it from happening this time.

If the mainboard SATA ports don’t support the feature, it won’t work as they say. If I intended to purchase any type of controller card Louis Edited by hamluis, 02 June –