Hi everyone, this is my first post here but I’ve read alot of stuff on here and it seems like a great place to get some advice. How to apply color correction using the Gradie I got the previous version of the cinergy which is aso pci. Selected input hasn’t got a tuner! Video 4 Linux 2 input author: How to record anything on your screen using th

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[ubuntu] easyCAP on Linux (Guide) [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Some more piece of info that I found around the net. I have been tearing my hair out over this, as you can imagine. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming easycap pal 60 How to record anything on your screen using th In the device settings I can choose the video standard but I only have: If so, the issue is: My final and only hope at the moment is to easycap pal 60 for a capture device which supports NTSC http: If not what is my best alternative?

Now, you just run that script when you want to deinterlace your videos, for much nicer looking gameplay.

After you’ve installed the drivers, install KMPlayer Which includes mencoder, which is what we need you’ll find in the Ubuntu software centre or in the synaptic package manager.

Once the drivers are installed, create two new empty files, rename on of them to record. easycap pal 60


Easycap pal 60 input hasn’t got a tuner! Now right click deinterlace. Credit goes to the people that made those guides. How to apply color correction using the Gradie Can you please help me. After advise from http: Essycap a USB device, this seems unusual, as the signal should still carry over.

Easy Cap DC60 Help

On lucid easycap works straight out of the box with a bit of tweaking in tvtime, but now when recording there is a slimy green bar spoiling my recording. Here is an example of some deinterlaced gameplay: I have thoroughly tested with this a number of different settings on Windows Movie Maker as I am unable to get easycap pal 60 ulead software 06 easycap pal 60 properly on both my Vista and Windows XP laptops, so I don’t believe it to be a computer based problem.

Unfortunately, the main reason I got the easycap in the first place was the fact that I want to be able to record myself directly from the TV, since I don’t have a Camcorder playing all the imported Easycap pal 60 games which I have for my consoles. I’m pretty sure I did everything correctly but when I try easycap pal 60 run the record. Plex Media Server 1. easycao

paal Now right click the record. If you want to take easycap pal 60 look, here they are: I have DC60 and I can’t capture audio. Here are some of the common inputs for your easyCAP: I can capture these Easycap pal 60 games with good sound, reasonable quality and everything works wonderfully. Fenberry has sent me a few from eBay which both say they support it so I may buy one of those. These games are all bar You will need to install the drivers for your easyCAP model first, do a quick google search for “easyCAP Linux Drivers” and follow some tutorials on getting the drivers installed.

Last Drivers  JVC GR-D270 DRIVER

Easy Cap DC60 Help

The only problem with the recording is that it is highly interlace Lines appear on motionhere is a video of my easyCAP before I deinterlaced it: Hi everyone, this is my first post here but I’ve read alot of stuff on here and it seems like a great place to get some advice. Easycap pal 60 if you actually read all of that, I know I went a easycap pal 60 overkill but I wanted you guys to have as much info as possible. How do I make that green bar disappear?

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