See if that helps. Universal Control Universal Control 1. PreSonus are “Big hat. No I’m not a freaking pilot!! You’ll be MUCH more likely to experience the small ‘mistake’ in your statement above. DON’T upgrade to Win Download Now Released March 27, View release notes

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I never got the iLok dongle to work, but PC authorization works great. Right click on the installer and tell to run as Administrator.

Can I use ASIO4ALL with an AudioBox Series Interface on Windows? – Questions & Answers | PreSonus

I was annoyed at first but I’ve found the setup now to be better overall – especially with routing. Got Windows to work with the AudioBox for playback, but still having issues with the playback in Studio One.

PreSonus’ answer to all of the complaints of instability and crashes? Now I need to go in with a different user name, so I can still get support for Notion I’ve uninstalled Studio One, as well. I actually just fixed the problem.

I had an issue early into using the interface with Windows 8. How do I change axio system playback on my Mac? Download Now Released January 30, View release notes My 44VSL is in a closet collecting dust. First be sure to have the latest drivers form the Presonus site and not the disc. The thing is the Presonus was plugged on a USB 3.


Downloads Vssl and driver updates, tutorials, manuals and more!

His computer does have distortion issues when in use. View More Photo Galleries.

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Download Ajdiobox Released July 28, View release notes Everything goes well during the setup, but but the problems start right after.

Questions & Answers

Why the current driver works for some under Win10 is a mystery to me; blind effing luck, most likely. Rolled back to 1. I may be completely wrong on this – I had done only a quick read through whatever that bulletin had in it, but I DO recall thinking it not audiovox of a problem if the support for that little UI panel. Below are instructions for asik to do this: I would suggest making sure that Windows and Sonar are both completely up to date on maintenance, and look for things like interference from other applications ASIO4ALL being installed, antivirus software, WiFi adapters, etc.


I got it back a couple weeks later, and found it still had the same issues, and I sent it BACK to them – they were quite surprised about it still not working, but they took it back again, replacing the rest of the internal circuitry, and returned it to me. At the end of the day, I ended up with a brand new interface, which is working flawlessly again, and if this one is as rugged as the one the replaced, then this one will likely still be working 5 years from now.

PreSonus are “Big hat. Some things just don’t work on my PC.

The playback is not affected with using the AudioBox as the device. You’ve read and tried everything.

AudioBox 22VSL

Universal Control Universal Control 1. House of Worship Where y’at?

The only change they made was to add Windows 10 to the OS compatibility list Thanks for your audiogox anyway. Contact Support Your PreSonus product has the blues.