I used the apowersoft online feature and when I installed the apowersoft virtual sound recorder suddenly I am no longer able to hear any sound at all on my pc. To solve the issue of failing to capture WebEx meeting with audio on your Mac, you can simply follow the steps below to troubleshoot this problem. You can then share stuffs by making simple clicks. Once done, you can start your recording. Okay, you can start recording now. After recording a video, I found it indeed pretty good. Follow us on Facebook.

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Follow us on Facebook. Last updated on October 18, devoce Apowersoft. You are also allowed to listen to the audio and delete the unwanted files at will. More extensional functions for recording Apart from providing the essential recording feature, the application also has other awesome features like “Play” and “Share”.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder – Web-based Screen recorder

Assuming that you want to edit ID3 tags for recorded audio, voice conversations, just utilize the ID3 editor. As a novice, I need to remove apowersoft drivers from my pc so I can listen to things on my pc once again. In addition, it helps to send audio via email. Record all types of activities on your screen including video stream, self-demonstration, live chat and more.


Uninstall Apowersoft audio device on the Mac

If you don’t want tracks merged together, then please don’t playback them when recording. Recording FaceTime Video Call When recording FaceTime video chat, sometimes you may wonder why your friend at the other side cannot hear your speaking, or vice versa. But in some cases, many users mistakenly think that it can just record audio from apowersofh.

Please follow the steps and screenshots below to uninstall the virtual sound card. Hi, Guillaume, sorry for the problem. Last updated on October 18, Very helpful, I can record any songs I love now.

Audacity is a aydio audio editor but works relatively worse on Mac, take a look at Audacity alternative for Mac for getting better program to record and edit audio.

Record high quality audio from computer sound card and microphone. Right-click the Volume icon on your taskbar and press Recording devices. Hope this comment will help you.

Last updated on June 13, Both your demonstration and screen activity will devic recorded properly. Hey guys Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a good tool for me to record audio chats with my friends, and also music that I like. Edit Screencast in Real Time Make your recorded video instructive by annotating with apowersift, text, callouts, highlights and more on a timely basis. By making a few clicks, you can export your recorded videos to a wide range of formats.


Sudio will find that you can record system audio even the virtual sound recorder is not being detected. No need to install plug-in or subscribe to any service, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder allows you to record audio on Windows or Mac computer straightly.

Please input your name! I read your web page here. Before recording, you should choose System sound as input audio source.

Why Does the Recorded Video File Have No Sound?

Simply drop down “Help” menu in this program and select “Feedback” from the menu. The pop-up window will prompt you to start recording.

With this web-based screen recorder, you don’t have to wait until you finish recording to brush up your video. Actually, if you do not have a microphone, you can still use it to record audio that comes out of your speaker as long as the sound card supports.