Still, it would’ve been nice to see the setting in the BIOS. I would really like to see this become a minimum standard. This division produces far better products than Acer itself and also does it’s own research for new innovations not that Acer isn’t good but AOpen still does it better. All my games worked fine! It certainly did not hurt anything, so why not have a totally pimped out HS on your chipset?

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Those are really useful bus-speeds for overclocking. And the biggest complain of all would be the lack of a proper manual in booklet form!

AOpen AX6BC Pro – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – i440BX

So what is the big deal here? As usual, no fluff, no BS, just the facts bro. This is a long way from the CPU slot, which is a good thing, because where there’s power there’s heat, and those big cables also block airflow around the CPU badly on some other boards.


In comparison, the AOpen can only do mhz flawlessly, Mhz would load Windows but will hang as soon as it’s taxed like when a benchmark is run and Mhz can only post! Now some of you might ask what Acer has got to do with an AOpen motherboard. This motherboard implements a high efficient synchronous switching design so that the temperature of MOS FET is far less than the Schottky diode of the asynchronous design. ax6cb

The 20 most bizarre and innovative motherboards: 1999 – 2010

If this is a board aimed at overclockers, what happened to the 3rd fan-connector? Bus multiplier ratio is selectable from 1.

Last Drivers  DRIVER: ASUS G70S

This motherboard can also sustain the Bios information in CMOS without the Lithium battery but it’s provided anyway and use your power-supply instead. The contents of the usual AOpen box include the following: Hats off to AOpen for going ahead and adapting to the specs that they could.

This test alone is good enough to show that the MSI can handle very high bus-speeds better than AOpen.

The board’s main criticism comes in the areas of floppy connector placement, hardware monitoring capability and FSB selections more info below under “overclockability”. The decision was made.

The Pro version is equipped with overclocking-friendly features, which I shall share with you all later. The design itself gives a little more surface area to absorb heat than most other heatsinks found on other boards. Considering the information I’ve given so far, the motherboard resembles very much like the MSI I suspect this has been done to allow the unusual placement of the power-supply cable, though.

Now, since AOpen does provide the conventional Battery just in case, you don’t have to worry about unplugging the power supply. No additional thermistor headers are provided, and the monitoring hardware is incapable of reading the thermal diode within the cpu core of S Celeron’s etc.

I can attribute this to the fact that Riva cards use AGP 1x mode only, so some of them have the potential to run at Mhz bus. Add us to your bookmarks.

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You are thinking, Porno Review? All my games worked fine! You can use more force and push it in but AOpen could have come up with a better design. Pdo reason I use the word ‘truly’ is because there are aipen connectors located in front of the 5th PCI and 2nd ISA slots and depending whether you connect them or not, you’ll have access to use full length cards on them.


In our tests we found no proof that it actually does that, but that is OK. AOpen – Taiwan http: Very good – aoppen stockists Features: The jumper location leaves a little to be desired also, as it is placed against the last DIMM socket, and is not the most accessible jumper on the board.

The Manual has got a very nice front and back cover but the contents are made up of recycled paper. Though setting up the board is easy, it’s very irritating to find out the motherboard features, its offerings and many meanings of the Bios menu from the CD.

Make us your homepage. AOpen has truly listened to the overclocking community and came up with a board especially for them.

Still, it would’ve been nice to see the setting in the BIOS.