I also have a usb device called “SG Remote Control Decive” so i think i may need to buy yet another remote. They are available here. December 2, Messages: The cramped layout made it take a while to get everythiing in place but I assume such is common in HTPC cases. The problem with the Antec NSK is that it is

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AceAceBabyNov 26, Go for a Nsk and antev a few bucks. Dec 4, at I don’t think the knob will work at least not with Venky’s patch.

I suspected antec fusion vfd the width of the display was set too wide somewhere. June 28, Messages: Antec fusion vfd 12, 1. They don’t use a Antec Fusion case is the only down fall but the fusion’s LCD screen and the Nmedia’s seem pretty close in size and seem like it might just work. August 7, Messages: The medium and high fan settings are just too loud for an HTPC. I just turn everything off but the time.

Antec Fusion VFD

fuzion Oct 19, 3. Will be a great seller for chrismas! It has a good looking front panel that is real antec fusion vfd and attractively brushed. The two large case fans push air decently at the low setting and are silent.


I would love to have an antec fusion vfd case 17″x2. We do not recommend you make puchasing decisions based on Forum messages.

Antec Fusion HTPC Shootout

Nov 27, at 9: Antec is no stranger to us when it comes antec fusion vfd power supplies, and we have tested many of the latest offerings from the Fremont, California based company. I used the iMon software to disable the ugly and annoying front display.

I think there’s a link in the soundgraph forums to someone who did the same thing.

Jun 7, Messages: Water Cooled Cases 1. Log in or Sign up.

I antec fusion vfd there has been talk in past on the problems with VFD software I was just wondering if any new and better software had turned up for this display?

When my computer stated up this morning it did a virus scan and found one in the latest sound graph software folder. There is decent cable management provided antec fusion vfd way of slots and baffles in the chambers of the case.


Not our member yet? Summary It’s a good case for HTPC, come with 2 fans don’t change the speed of the fans, otherwise it will be loud. Here’s how I did it.

I presume you guys have them working under your displays? Oct 24, 7. Antec fusion vfd consider that the Antec Fusion is a good choice as it comes with 3 fans, fueion you can disable the LCD.

The xbmc-log showed that the display was 16×2 antec fusion vfd is correct so the problem wasn’t lcdproc or the lirc-imon-driver. Although Soundgraph aren’t in a hurry to help out they do provide access to an SDK antec fusion vfd the fusjon.

What I do have problem with is: For all prices, products and offers, NCIX.