Do you see a phone line running to the phone jack in the wall from it? Also it says security s disabled. Please let me know using my hotmail account — jstewper. I recently got my broadband hooked up again and Comcast gave this modem Ambit U10C which is a lot slower than what I use to have several months ago. Where can I find this, my sysytm id not eorking properly without it. Also, the Ambit does not work with my Windows XP laptop when I plug the laptop directly into the modem.

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Teardown Analysis – Ambit (Ubee) U10C Cable Modem – IHS Technology

Thank you so much for your advised! I was able to use it in California but not here. Sandy November 28,4: How do I get a password u100c018.80 the modem supplier?

Then I turned the router on followed by the modem a minute or so later. June 23,5: Can anyone fill me in on how to do that? Ross McKillop July 22,7: Would trading it for another newer modem help?

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SG :: Ubee U10C Cable Modem

ambot Also, the Ambit does not work with my Windows XP laptop when I plug the laptop directly into the modem. Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the Ambit U10C cable modem —. But after minutes, there is lag. To answer my own question: Are you able to do this?

I got a U10C from the cable company and use Road Runner to game online. The Serial is I first turned both the modem and the router off.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Its there to let you know the two are talking to each other. Older homes will often NOT u0c018.80 proper splitters or cables for carrying todays signals.

Rick Beardslee May 4, Rex Sindt January 3,1: Ben November 2,8: July 22,3: Have replace Ethernet card, checked cables, still no response. So I experimented and place a pencil under the unit to facilitate airflow thru the vents.

Hello Walt I have a small problem.


Steve December 23, Thanks to all for your help. January 14,7: We think if the guest signal was eliminated we would have a stronger signal. Our cable is with charter;both internet and tv.

Flashing — The cable modem is receiving data from the internet During u10c108.80, LED flashes slowly to indicate that the cable modem is searching for a downstream channel. I just bought a new HP notebook that I want to connect wireless to my existing cable modem where my desktop is connected.

Ubee U10C018

Is there a way to actually make changes to the firmware, as in a Linksys Router? The description above states completely different — blinking indicates that amgit transmitting data. Notes and Useful Information Installation Manual .