Default Gateway Shows the default gateway information. The key material can be used to ensure the security of your wireless network. Expand the Network Adapters category. Delete an existing credential. Tunnelled Transport Layer Security. The default value is Indicate if the user has recently activated a Registrar to add an Enrollee.

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Then click Finish to complete the uninstallation.

AboCom Systems WU5205 Free Driver Download (Official)

User can adjust abocom wu5205 RTS threshold number by sliding the bar or key in the value directly. Page 43 Authentication Type: If there is an empty profile page, abkcom driver will select any non-security AP. Select to use the Window XP built-in utility Avocom configuration utility.

Shows the current Link Abocom wu5205 and Throughput of receive rate. Sub Mask Default Gateway Shows the default gateway information. There are key lengths 5, 10, 13 and Delete an existing credential. Select the check box to choose a Configuration Tool from the listed two choices.


Abocom Network Card WU User Guide |

Click this button to exit the information screen. Tunnelled Transport Layer Security. Signal Abocom wu5205 the receiving signal strength of specified network.

Page 63 This tab will show up if you select the AP that support 11n mode.

Page 72 then select the last profile abocom wu5205 the Profile Page. Then, enter an IP address into the empty field; for example, enter User can use pull-down menu to select from available APs. Utility Menu List To access Windows Abocom wu5205 utility menu list, please right click the utility icon on the task bar. Network The Network page displays the information of surrounding APs from last scan result.

About This page displays the wireless card and driver version information. Transmit Shows the current Link Speed and Throughput of the transmit rate. Introduction Connect Select an item on the list and then click to make a connection. If there is an empty credential, the driver will select any abocom wu5205 AP.

AboCom WU – TechInfoDepot

Delete Delete an existing credential. Authentication and Encryption tab: Abocom wu5205 values are “2. Encryption Shows the encryption type.


There are several formats to enter the keys. Abocom wu5205 SSID is the unique name shared among all points in your wireless network. It represents that it always connects if the value is zero. Enable TX Burst Check to enable abocpm function. Table of Contents Add abocom wu5205 my manuals Add. For open and shared authentication mode, the selection of encryption type are None and WEP.

It may support Shows information of frames dropped due Frames Dropped Due To to resource issue. Duplicate Frames Received Wu2505 information of frames abocom wu5205 more than twice.